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  • Livi is an at-home medication dispenser.  Livi will prompt users on when and how to take their medications via audible and visual alerts. If doses are missed, Livi will alert a caregiver via text message or e-mail.

    Livi uses a cloud-based application that makes scheduling and real-time monitoring of medications easy and convenient. Livi will retain user's medication history and adherence data, which can be shared with physicians and other caregivers.

    Livi will automatically dispense a 90-day supply of up to 15 different medications/supplements.

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  • The Guardian Alert has no monitoring fees, service charges or contracts ever. You can talk directly through your pendant to a 911 emergency operator at the push of a button.

    Guardian Alert offers complete coverage in and around your home. This pendant is a 2-way emergency communication pendant and offers you 24 hours a day/7 days a week emergency protection.

    This life-saving device requires no charging ever - and operates one year on a single AAA battery. It will shut down automatically if ever left on. It is completely splash resistant and will voice prompt you through dialing, shutdown, system test and battery test. It is one of the most effective, safe and efficient personal response systems you can buy.

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  • The Freedom Alert Pendant is the ultimate personal emergency response system. Freedom Alert is a 2-way programmable emergency pendant communicator. It has no activation costs, no contracts, and no monthly fees.

    This system allows you to have an instant 2-way speaker phone (from the pendant) to family, friends or neighbors, at any time from anywhere in or around your home.  If your programmed contacts are unreachable at the moment - the system can default to call a 911 emergency operator.  Never be out of range from assistance again.

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