• Positive Approach to Care

  • Attend the Positive Approach® to Care developed by Teepa Snow and moderated by Tauna Longest, CDP. This workshop encourages Care Partners to:

    Respond to a person's change in cognition and abilities in a way that is not hurtful or offensive.

    Understand that, with practice, common "reactions" to the person with dementia can become thoughtful "responses" that improve quality of life for everyone involved.

    Recognize that the person with dementia is "doing the best they can" and if something isn't working, it's the responsibility of the Care Partner to change their approach toward the person living with dementia as well as to discover what can be done differently to address the challenging situation.

    Be aware of environments surrounding a person with dementia and make changes as necessary.

    Click Here to learn more about Teepa Snow and her approach.

    A certified Dementia Practioner, Tauna is regarded as an approved educator through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.  She is also a Certified Dementia Dialogues Trainer and has presented 100s of workshops throughout the Lowcountry area.  Teaching Dementia Dialogues, her focus has been on challenging behaviors and how to communicate with people with dementia.

    Once again, we've partnered with local businesses to offer this workshop.  Our upcoming workshops are listed below, please click the register button to register for one of our workshops.  Please keep in mind that these workshops will fill up fast and we limit the number of participants to 24.

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