• Our Process

  • Only the most qualified and compassionate candidates pass our screening process and all of our caregivers are required to take state competency evaluations. Each member of our team is approved by our RNs as "State Certified Home Care Aides".

  • The Search Begins

    You can start with completing our application, click on the box to the right.  Please make sure to provide as much information as possible.  Our pre-screening process includes background checks and reference checks. If those are up to our standards, we will do a "mini" phone interview.

  • Interviews

    Once you've passed the background and reference check and successfully completed the phone interview we will schedule an in person interview.  The in person interview will include a drug test.  If you cannot pass a drug test, please do not apply.

  • Hiring

    Congratulations if you are one of the candidates that have impressed us enough and passed the background, reference, and drug test.  You are now one step closer to working for one of the largest, privately/locally owned in-home care companies in the tri-county.  You will now begin our onboarding process.  This will include paperwork and a review of requirements and expectations.  Your skill level and certifications will now determine your level of pay.  All skills will be validated by our on-staff nurse.

  • Orientation and Post Placement

    Today will be the day that you start a wonderful fulfilling career with us.  Orientations are scheduled weekly. You are expected to arrive on time and stay for the full duration of the orientation.  Once you've completed orientation and your skill sets have been validated by our nurse supervisor, we will match your skills and availability to our client based on their needs.

    You will only begin working once all the requirements are completed.

  • All employees enjoy these benefits

    • Employee referral bonus program
    • Holiday pay
    • CPR Training
    • Caregiver of the month
    • Monthly employee newsletter
    • Direct deposit
    • Annual performance evaluations
    • Dementia Dialogue certification
    • Mileage reimbursement
    • Annual PPD
    • In-house fun bucks
    • Caregiver appreciation day
    • Additional training
    • Holiday luncheon
    • Paid vacation