• Life Resource Planning Meets Needs Beyond Retirement

    Seniors are the fastest growing segment of the population, not only in the United States but in the world.  Currently, individuals age 65 and over represent 13% of the U. S. population – about 41 million people– but this will grow to 20% -- 88 million -- in just a matter of 38 years.  Seniors also control a great deal of the wealth in this country. (USNews)

    Even though many seniors have put together financial plans or completed retirement planning, very few have a plan in place for later life needs.

    Most healthy, active seniors ignore this type of planning.  The need for later life planning is typically recognized when due to the aging process,

    • the senior's family realizes that their loved one's savings and investments will run out,
    • the senior is moving into a new living arrangement such as living with a child or living in a facility,
    • the senior's health is failing or
    • the senior is losing his or her independence. 

    Seniors and their families who want to know more about Life Resource Planning from the National Care Planning Council or would like speak to a qualified planner using this approach can submit a request form online.

    Professional practitioners who work with seniors and who would like to know more about Life Resource Planning and how it can help their clients can call 800-989-8137 to learn more.